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Girard erie pa local singles chat

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Government Printing Office, www. D -d 1h, C-tv Dep. Planning B. Selecting The Basic Alternatives C. Tasks Required For Completion D.

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Conservation Benefits.

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The FY Chaf budget provided for preconstruc- tion funds for de and advance planning of the har- bor development. Giraard 61 summer cottages. An installation of this type would not have an adverse affect on the existing development on the west side. The availability of these funds, together with ' the donation of lands through a lease by the Pennsylvania Electric Company to Girard Township, has brought about a limited amount of public development, and vehicle access, on the west side of the creek near the mouth.


Not only would this be of benefit to those craft which are based at Elk Creek, but the improvements would also provide a harbor erke refuge for those craft based elsewhere which are in need of shelter. In some cases they actually purchase the property for eventual transfer, at cost, to state or federal agencies.

This is especially true during periods of low flow. Brook, brown, and rainbow trout are included in this stocking program, and are normally introduced into the stream during the spring. This report will include the analysis of the de needs based on highest and best use of the la.

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The contemplated construction of the coal fired gener- ating station has since been abandoned for the fore- seeable future. This is eriie t6 be located at the north end of the existing north parking lot. This area is capable of supporting publicly owned camp sites and possibly numerous other recreational facilities as well. This program also occurred in concurrence with a general improvement in Lake Erie water quality, from a fishing standpoint, due largely to increased pollution control in the Great Lakes Basin.

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It might include the installation of a boat ramp on the west girarrd, but the east bank would be left under pri- vate ownership. The Conservancy's interest in this project is therefore a vory fortunate occurance. Existing public access to Lake Erie in the area near the project site edie very limited and must be conserved when possible. Their funds, which come from private foundations, are nearly. The obvious use, due to the nature of the terrain and the proximity to the-creek, would be as a marina or boat harbor of some type.

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It should be noted that of the 66 cottages and trail- ers on the site, 60 are owned by persons other than the Rhoades brothers and are on short term leases I to 5 years. This minimal effort at controlling the channel, however, would necessitate very heavy maintenance costs. Shoreline fishing is very heavy during these periods, and the lake level parking facilities on the west bank are quite often filled. Public Development As ly mentioned, the west bank development is on lands of the Pennsylvania Electric Company, leased to the Township.

Follo'wing the channel improvement, provide east bank development as funds become available. Their property is privately operated as a rental cottage area with camping, boating, and pleasure fishing facil- ities available. It was considered equivalent to the net return on depreciated investment in boats after all expenses are paid, and.

This was a detailed report prepared as a requirement for a proposed coal fired steam electric generating station which at that time was proposed for construction. Private development could be encouraged or discouraged.

Private Development All of the private development in the Elk Creek basin north of Route 5 is hirard the east side of the creek. Recommended Tasks C. Selecting The Basic Alternatives C.

It would likely include additional construction on the west bank. One method used by the Conservancy to protect or conserve land is to serve as a catalystand as an aid in the negotiations for property. From those largest in population to smallest, and excluding the single town, Bloomsburgwhich is administered as a borough save for one odd legal legacy, these are:.

Alternative 3: Construct Channel Improvements This alternative includes the construction of major break- walls or other acceptable means for ensuring that small boats can enter the mouth of the creek in all types of weather. Economic Benefits The economic benefits are probably the most measure- able of the various benefits derived from develop- ment of any facility. Included in the study was a development plan consist- ing of 6 stages, together with cost estimates and scheduling.

The contracts for construction, and their approximate dates and funding are as follows: 1. Safety Benefits One of the most important benefits to be derived through improvements to the stream channel and the 30 construction of an anchorage basin, would be the general increase in safety to the boating public.

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The project has recently been reclassified to an Ofactive" status. Recreational Fishing There would be increased pleasure fishing activity brought about by the greater amount of boating activity at the site. This is also a. The interim report was completed by the Corps, and reported to Congress in October of To date, there has been no funding available for these facilities. This alternative is recommended irregardless of any other development, if funds can be obtained for such construction.

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Over a half mile of paved access ro which connect the entrance road and upper parking area to the two other parking areas. Erue year round cottages. A major part of this planning effort was the estab- ishment of "Geographic Areas of Particular Concern". When funds are available, make improvements to the, channel.