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Gor chat rooms

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Some words on Gorean Role Play rooms These chat rooms are gor you'll want to be if you're looking for role play based on the books of Gor written by John Norman. It is a Counter Earth known as Gor. It is a Man's world where Men are most usually Dominant and Women are subservient to their will. Technology is limited and life is filled with danger and pleasure beyond compare. Rules are simple enough, Respect those around you and you chat be granted the same Our moderators gog help you get familiar with the ways of the rooms, don't be afraid to ask.

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Should complications arise, we strongly encourage attempting resolution through reasonable and mature discussion with all parties involved, even in cases where the role-play will require judgement. Please read, respect, and adhere to all rules provided on or linked to the room entries of privately run homes and Gorean GRP Rooms.

There is no actual limit to the amount of NPC's you may have. Travel chat GRP Rooms requires mandatory use of room pull-downs to add validity to role-play and gor combat or capture judgements. This is not a rule, however and will not have any enforcement by site staff. The use of any other fight system by either party will result in the encounter being rendered null and void. Final Thoughts Try as they might, I have yet to see a "true" Gorean home.

Gorean Chat rooms reality VS not

This means that you can be killed, collared, captured, etc. Chat rooms can get close to realism — but never quite there. Gor is not kind. The books are there as simply a basis on which to build a Gorean chat site. Absolutely none. Should a role-player be found to consistently respond to Open Combat challenges with a combat system other than Alter Realm Open Combat Rules in order to avoid and invalidate potentially unfavorable encounters, chta default judgment will be rendered in the aggressor's favor i.

But do have some common sense. Special Note Because of the differences in publishing the books, depending upon whether published in the U. There are pitfalls and roomms by bandits. Gor is harsh. Travelers paying their respects to the Sardar Some have tried. The stipulation though is that they must be announced during your entry post into this gor in order to be valid. Combatants desiring to use some other mutually agreeable combat system are welcomed to meet in The Stadium GRP Room, as such would need to be pre-arranged, which would defeat the purpose of the surprise attack nature of Open Combat.

Please note: entering a PoD Gorean GRP room roms an understanding of, and intent to comply with, all rules set forth on the room entry. Outside city walls there are those who are outlawed from their respective rooms. You will however keep it realistic. I personally believe the requirement of chores is antiquated and ill-used. No one may attack on entry or exit posts, but you may defend on these if chat be.

We do not support poaching. Keep this in mind. Use names must be in your tags, not just in the av. The purpose is not to prevent character death but to ensure that the mark was not invented by the Assassin to carry out a personal vendetta, motivated by gor harassment, rokms stemming from an OOC dispute. Whenever possible, Room Leaders are chat the freedom and latitude to rooms their homes as they see fit. A fight will consist only of those who are present in your general vicinity in the room at the time of contact.

No combat will take place within the first 2 posts of entry. Which sort home then is right for you? A clumsy slave found displeasing. If Captor s and Captive s cannot reach a mutually agreeable resolution without judgement, role-play scripts must be posted to the Judgements section of the PoD message boards for resolution either by judge s mutually agreeable to all parties involved or by a PoD Site Judge.

One thing I have grown in, is learning the happy medium.

The first available Site Judge will post that the combat is being looked at so other Site Judges are aware. Roojs posts may take place during the last 2 posts of exiting the room.

All open chat is considered RP. A slave injured or sick would not benefit from the concerned look of a free person. However, regardless of outcome, no one will be forced, guilted, or coerced to leave one site for another if they are not comfortable in doing so. Please follow the activity post chart.

A True Gor?

There are roos ro, many ports, cities, villages, farms and orchards with daily activity. Do rooms put up s: "Only roleplayers that room how to roleplay can enter" to chat out the clueless? Portal of Dreams takes common sense and basic human courtesy very seriously. The Wilds is an area that roooms not controlled by any city. A girl on foot will not outrun a man.

All role-players should attempt, in every instance, to accept whatever consequences come as gor result of their actions during role-play. A good amount of this lies within the roleplayer him or her self.

Or perhaps a Merchant traveling to sell wares Several rooms, I think, forget about roleplay itself.